Pablo Pol Seijas

Notario de San Isidro

Calle Castro nº2 3º. San Isidro, Granadilla de Abona. Tenerife


The Notary in Spain carries out an important work in preventive legal security, offering support, legal advice and knowledge for all citizens in order that they receive maximum information when undertaking a legal transaction.

The Notary has a dual role:

1º.- The public function, a service to society, carrying out a client´s instructions and guaranteeing that information which is presented is factually correct, giving security to citizens so that their actions are protected by law to avoid abuse and conflict between parties.

2º.- Law professional, the Notary and his staff, with high qualifications, offering free advice to all citizens in order to reach a legal and complete solution to legal problems.
We remember that people are the objective of our profession, defending their rights under the protection of the law.

This is central to our professional conduct, we must complete our job with total impartiality and strictness.

Pablo Pol Seijas, Notary of Granadilla de Abona.